Increase productivity with online patient forms

Improve Your Patient Experience with Online Patient Forms

Is the patient registration process eating too much of your time? Is your patient schedule being delayed because of paperwork? Do your patients complain about filling out the dental patient forms?

Eliminate these headaches by making your forms available to patients anywhere. Online dental patient forms can be accessed from the devices your patients are using most often: phones, tablets, and computers.

Benefits of Electronic Forms:

  • Minimize the time intensive, manual process
  • Eliminate manual scanning of documents
  • Improve the patient experience
  • No more schedule delays because of patient registration headaches
  • Allow for more time to review patient health history
  • Ability to verify insurance benefits prior to the appointment
  • Make quick and easy changes to the online forms without needing to reprint them

There are many benefits in switching your patient forms from paper to digital. Reducing patient wait times enhances patient satisfaction and it can help your practice operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Choose a company that gives you the power to customize patient forms specific to your practice by incorporating your unique logo and including questions related to specialty. Transform your workflow by going digital with your patient registration, medical history, HIPAA privacy policy, patient consent forms, financial policy, and other patient forms.

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Simplify your patient intake workflow with online patient forms

Automate your workflow process by merging patient forms directly into your dental software. We integrate with Dentrix, DSN, Eaglesoft, OrthoTrac, SoftDent and WinOMS.

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