Direct Software Integration

Having an integrated system for your practice saves time and money, increases business productivity, and improves data accuracy. Dental eShare offers direct software integration with the following dental practice management and imaging management software:

  • Dentrix,
  • Dexis,
  • DSN,
  • Eaglesoft,
  • KDI/Softdent,
  • OrthoTrac,
  • Schick and
  • WinOMS.

Our software integrators make it easy to send, receive and update your referral case. We also offer software integration that will automate your workflow process by merging patient forms directly into your dental software.

See how our three easy to follow steps can save your practice time and money by eliminating the manual process of entering patient information into your practice management software.

STEP 1: Patient completes forms online

Give your patients the ability to complete your forms on their time and at their convenience. Patients can go to your dental website to access a direct link to your patient forms or send them a secure email with a link to your online forms and instructions on how to complete them through our secure messaging system.

Click on the button below to view a sample of our online patient registration form.

STEP 2: Practice merges forms and data into practice management software

Once forms are submitted by the patients, your practice will receive a notification to merge the patient information and forms into your software. Use our Communicator Pro desktop application to automatically merge the data with a few simple clicks. Eliminate the manual process of having to enter patient demographic information and scanning patient forms to import into your software.

Below is an example of a new patient chart inside Dentrix with no patient information entered and no forms saved inside the document center.

Patient information in Dentrix

 Dental eShare Practice Management Software Dentrix

Document Center in Dentrix

Dental eShare Dentrix Document Center

STEP 3: Verify patient information and forms are merged into the patient’s record

Once the information is merged into your practice management software, you can simply verify the information before patients are seen by the doctor.

Below is an example of the same patient listed above with patient information updated inside Dentrix and patient registration form saved directly to the document center.

Updated Patient Information

Dental eShare Dentrix Demographic Information

Updated Document Center

Dental eShare Practice Management Software Dentrix

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Automate your workflow process by merging patient information directly into your dental software.

We integrate with Dentrix, Dexis, Eaglesoft, KDI/Softdent, OrthoTrac, Schick and WinOMS.

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