Patient Referral System

Complete Patient Care Cycle

Dental eShare is secure, all-in-one referral system that allows multiple practices to benefit from instant access to exchanged patient health information without having to worry about different dental software formats. Dental eShare offers a built-in written order form to help streamline the referral process and maintain consistency in your record keeping. Dental eShare will take your practice a step closer to paperless environment.

HIPAA Security

No matter what happens to your devices, your files are safely stored in our secure data centers. Dental eShare uses TLS 1.2 with 256-bit SSL encryption to provide a secure connection between your web browser and our web servers. TLS and SSL encryption technology ensures that any information being transmitted is encrypted before being sent over the Internet. Our system will automatically log you off after one hour of inactivity on your web portal or desktop application.

Notification System

Keep a history report of your referrals, notes, and activities for quick reference. Account holders may view and track the patient referrals through the case status report tool. Receive instant notifications about new referrals and status updates to existing referrals through your Dental eShare account portal and e-mail alerts. Request a read receipt to confirm that your referral case was viewed by the recipient within a 24 hour period.